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Garden Weekly 19 October 2017

Tomato Time is upon us and Labour Weekend is the traditional time to be planting tomatoes outdoors.

There are many varieties available, for large meaty tomatoes choose Beefsteak, or Grosse Lisse, for regular sized tomatoes use Money Maker or Russian Red, for cherry tomatoes use Sweet 100, and lower acid tomatoes use Dr Walters and Roma. There are many more varieties available including heritage ones with very interesting names, but none the less, they are tried and true.

Ground preparation is very important, and they do well in the ground and in containers. If planting in the ground put in some good quality compost as well, and if planting in a container use Daltons Incredible Edibles Tomato Mix – you will get the best results.

Plant seedlings about 40cm apart and water in. Tomatoes need support, so they need to be staked well, do this before you plant then there is less risk of damaging the roots.

Tomatoes need pruning to aid air circulation which helps prevent disease, and remove all lateral growth as the plants grow.


Tomatoes are gross feeders, so fertilise regularly.  Use Daltons Incredible Edibles Tomato Fertiliser at the recommended rate to ensure you get good results. This is an excellent fertiliser to use as it will feed your tomatoes for up to three months. Tomatoes may be prone to blight in wet weather, this is seen as black blotches on leaves and/or stems. Control with Copper spray at the recommended rate.

Pick just before ripe and allow to fully ripen inside on a windowsill.

Do try some different varieties – there are lots to choose from!

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Free Tomato Plant Giveaway 

Any purchase made at the Garden Centre over the Weekend (Sat - Mon) will recieve a free Tomato Plant.

Big Jims Garden Centre

Tomato Plants

Tomatoes are probably the most popular summer vegetable. Once all danger of frost is past and nighttime temperatures have risen, it’s time to think about tomato planting. 

Larger Grade of plants have arrived in an assortment of varieties.

Multi Buy 4 for $ 20 or $ 6.99 Red Pot

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Fruit Trees

Growing your own fruit is becoming increasingly popular as home grown always tastes better.

We have a great selection of Apples, Plums, Peaches, Plums and more ready to be planted into your garden today.

Special 25% off Marked Price

Big Jims Garden Centre

Red Kumara Runners

Kumara are purchased as bareroot runners in late spring. The ideal time to plant kumera is after Labour Weekend as the ground temperature is increasing and frosts have passed. Runners available until late November.

Multi Buy 25 for $12 or $0.60 each

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